President’s Letter 2019

Dear Oak Hills Swim and Racquet Club members,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to thank you for your continued support of our club. With the support of our members, and staff we’ve been able to grow membership by 10% over the last year and a half. Our membership is strong at 220 members; however, we would like to see that number climb to 300! In order to reach our goal, we’ve taken 4 very aggressive measures;

  1. Eliminated the initiation fee for new members (Limited December 2018 through February 2019)
  2. Added an individual membership level (18yr and older)
  3. Early Bird Special for existing members ($50 savings on family membership now through February)
  4. Existing Member Referral Program (Receive a $100-dollar credit off your family membership for every family membership you are listed as a referral) For example, you mention our great club to 4 of your friends and they purchase a family membership, and they have you listed as a referral…you receive $400 off your family membership. (Receive $50 off if you refer an empty nester)

These decisions were unanimous, and action was immediately implemented by your board members. Our goal for the 61st pool season is simple. We want a fun private pool that is clean, well-managed, and packed with great members. As you can see, these dates are quickly approaching. We encourage all members to take advantage of these programs as soon as possible, it helps us plan and budget accordingly.

Currently your board members are as follows;

President – Jim Doogan

Vice President – Eric Brouwer

Treasurer – Barry Donovan

Secretary – Kate Jansen

Membership – Judy Good

Payroll – Dan Andriacco

Social – Nicole Huber / Larissa Phillips

Swim / Dive – Jen Mueller

Tennis / Paddle – Kim Kadakia

Communications – Sandy Carroll

Over the last few months, the pool board has met several times. They’re working hard planning and organizing your 2019 pool season.

Managing the pool for the 2nd year now is Shay Spelman, and when needed Andy Schroeder (current manager at Three Rivers Swim Club). These two individuals have become a tremendous asset to our club managing all aspects of the pool. Beginning with spring clean-up, staffing, mechanical repairs, & end of season close…with lots of stuff in between. They have no doubt, made our club a better place, all the while saving us some money along the way.

In case you did not know, our swim team is fantastic, finishing 2nd place in PPSL finals last year! It’s one of the loudest and rowdiest teams on the West Side, thanks to our amazing coach Sean Carroll! Sean and his staff have made our swim team a force to be reckoned with. Our Thursday night “themed” home meets are a blast, the pool deck is packed, the crowd is loud, and our concessions are rockin’. Be sure to catch one of these meets. Go Sea Dragons!

Our women’s tennis and 14-member paddle teams also like to compete. It’s currently a small and passionate group looking to gain some traction. New teammates are always welcome! We’re still vetting through some ideas on how to grow this program. Interested parties should certainly partake on the club’s clay courts. Also, our paddle courts are open all winter, so get the most out of that membership! (The league paddle schedule is available on our website.)

As you can see one of the biggest benefits to our pool (other than it being heated) are the amenities and location.

Tree lined and tucked away on top of a hill…it’s the perfect setting for summer fun with friends and family!

Now a little bit about me. My name is Jim Doogan and I’m returning to the club for my 5th season. I can usually be spotted wearing an oversized straw hat and holding a Miller Lite. My wife Sarah and I have 4 kids ranging from 7 to 12 years old. We’ve been very active members the past 4 seasons participating in swim lessons, swim team, dive team, board member, and spring/fall clean ups. Often, I find myself randomly pitching in around the club, where I can help. This club is our summer social home. You can find us here every Friday and Sunday evening and most days of the week. We’ve certainly had our fair share of good times around this pool and look forward to the good times ahead. We’ve met great families and have made great friends sitting around this pool.

In closing, your board members are excited and committed to making 2019 a fantastic season. We encourage all existing members to reach out, tell friends, and family who have been thinking about joining a pool, to join ours. Now is the time! No initiation fee for new members! Let’s hit the 300-membership mark!

For reference I’ve included our membership levels and cost; On-line Payment Available through our website!

Family Membership $795 + tax (Get the $50 early bird savings now through February)

Empty Nester $455 +tax

Individual (18yr older) $295 +tax

Looking forward to another great pool season!

Your President,

Jim Doogan

Please feel free to reach out to any board member with any questions or feedback.

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